Ariana Grande massacred by the social for having joked about JonBenet Ramsey


Ariana Grande he has apologized publicly for a joke made on JonBenet Ramseythe little beauty queen who was murdered brutally in 1990, admitting that it was a joke “definitely out of place”.

It all started from the post sarcastic, and a friend of Ariana Grande, who had photographed, among a series of magazines displayed on the shelf of a store, the one with JonBenet on the front page, commenting: “Nobody had ever had so many covers“. In response, the singer in the comments went so far as to write that “dovresti inspire her look for Halloween…” referring to the dress worn by the girl in the cover photograph.

JonBenet Ramsey was only 6 years old when he was found dead in his home of Boulder, Colorado, on Christmas day of 1990. His murderer was never identified, and the unsolved case is still the subject of many documentaries and podcasts. Ariana Grande was soon violently attacked after that on Twitter a followers, who had read his comment, he wrote indignantly: “What?! A girl of 8 years who has been violently killed, strangled and suffocated may not be the costume of none [sic]”. This comment has given rise to hundreds of other, far more violent towards the singer who, after hours of lynching on social, is back on his feet, making clear his comment, and writing on his account Instagram to feel “sincerely sorry” for his joke “out of place” that first moment, he had also defended it, calling it “typical of someone who loves black humour like me”, and then retract all seen the tsunami of insults against her.

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