Ariana Grande would have a new boyfriend, a former dancer and now a real estate agent


27 March 2020

Ariana Grande would passing this period of #IoRestoACasa also getting to know better his new boyfriend.

According to the american tabloids, would begin a love story between the singer’s 26-year-old and a real estate agent who calls Dalton Gomez. As has repeatedly explained and sensitised, Ariana is responsibly respecting self isolation, you would be attending at her house.

They have the same round knowledge – said a source close to the artist – He once was a dancer, so have a lot of friends in common“.

Now you are getting to know better in a hurry, with the quarantine. They are passing the time tête-à-tête at home. Ariana knows that she loves being at home, it is not a problem for her. Ordering food and they are there together“.

Dalton Gomez has the profile Instagram private so you can’t peek too much, but we know that Ariana Grande is following him.

The bio says that you grew up in southern California and he worked for five years in the field of luxury real estateor sells mansions by millions of dollars. This is the profile photo:

The rumors on the fact that Ariana Grande might have a new boyfriend was started in February, when it was view kissing a mysterious guy in the restaurant Bar Louie in the surroundings of Los Angeles.

In recent months, the singer was romantically linked to Mikey Foster Social House (with whom he collaborated on the “Boyfriend”) but the story was never confirmed.

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