Bad Bunny intends to restart the year if there is no improvement: “we Deserve a 2020 worth”


Despite having taken the album is more successful of your career and have participated in the intermediate of the Super Bowl next to Shakira and Jennifer Lopezthis 2020 is not leaving a good taste in your mouth Bad Bunnythat has thrown ingenuity to get a smile to its fans in the midst of the crisis that is ravaging the planet and it has made a proposal if it does not improve the situation.

Via Twitter, the Rabbit Bad has been proposed that if the situation does not improve in a few months, put again the calendar to January 1 and were to restart the year.

“If this year, no improvement, I suggest that when you finish it let’s start over, that is, as if this would not have counted. We deserve a 2020 worth. In addition, it would not support to see the olympics every four years in a number of odd”, has suggested the puerto rican. And the truth is, your proposal has been well received by the netizens. More than 26 thousand users of the social network of the bird has been seconded and more than 125 have given ‘like’ to the tweet.

The coronavirus has been forced to cancel concerts, events and also the Olympics, which have been postponed until next year. And it seems that with this last idea is not reconciled to the interpreter Callaítaas he confessed in the same message.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, Bad Bunny has been dump to provide entertainment to their fans and has given to them great moments through social networks. From nude to fun times in the company of their toys from Toy Story.

What will you do? How are you passing the quarantine?

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