Barbara de Regil is criticized again by giving nutritional recommendations


Since the start of the quarantine, the actress Barbara de Regil, recognized by follow the style of ida fitness, has remained very close to their followers on social networks, giving the famous advice on home exercises, tips on nutrition and others.

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Given the case of the recent council, for which he has received endless criticism and ridicule on the part of the users.

It was during a session of questions and answers in your account of Instagram where Barbara was talking with his followers and at the same time giving advice to those that asked for one. It was here where the chaos began: A user asked which type of bread consumed during the quarantine, to which the actress responded, “whole wheat bread”.

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The funny thing was not the answer as such, but the way in which the gave. The interpreter of “Rosary Scissors” accompanied by his council nutrition with a photo embracing of a jaguar. This is the reason that has led to that Of Regil become the mockery on the social networks.

Immediately this idea caused a lot of confusion and plenty of laughter, because it could not find the sense of the background photo with the answer of the question at issue. However, such a picture if it would make a lot logic as a main idea for a general number of memes about it, which of course were invading the social networks to the point of converting in trend to the whole wheat bread.

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Many people have been sharing memes referred to such a moment, but apparently it does not cause him any discomfort. The actress has not even made a reference to the subject and has focused on to continue sharing positive content to all their followers.

It should be remembered that this is not the first occasion that Barbara is the object of ridicule and the cause of the creation of hundreds of memes; this is the case of the time recommended to take lemon tea on an empty stomach, explaining the reasons:

1. Keeps you quiet.
2. It helps to relieve respiratory problems.
3. Balances the body’s Ph. Drink water with lemon reduces the acidity of the body, because the lemon is extremely alkaline; it does not create acidity in the body once metabolized.
4. It helps the digestion.
5. It is diuretic, therefore it helps to release toxins faster.
6. Clean the skin, and the amount of vitamin C helps to lessen the creasing and stains.
“For that and many more things I recommend you drink water with Lemon on an empty stomach (not daily NOTHING IN EXCESS)” _ said the actress.

So that was heavily criticized by professional staff of the health, many nutriologos and doctors denied this information, stating and asking you to please avoid a bad report to the people as it may cause you to follow the recommendations false, will cause any harm to the health.

It is clear that Barbara we will continue to talk in terms of these issues, and of course their followers will be aware to produce the greatest amount of memes about it.