Barbara de Regil scolds her daughter Sea by making video of “nacos”

Barbara de Regil gave explanations through your account Instagram on the recent video made by his daughter Sea of Regil, where it lists things of nacos, and began to receive criticism on social networks being attacked.

In that sense, the actress that gave life to Rosary Scissors opened a section of questions and answers in your account Instagram, where one of the questions was what he thought about the video by which her daughter was being criticized,

Barbara de Regil said that already “caught the attention” that is not good to do so, precisely because that can be misinterpreted, but said he was not given such importance, because it is only a video, and that she knows that the Sea is not so.

Barbara de Regil scolds her daughter Sea by making video narcos

Barbara de Regil scolds her daughter Sea by making video narcos

  • “Nothing, it’s a joke of bad taste, we asked him to do and he did it, but I already talked with her and told her not to do so because it can be misinterpreted, especially because she is not well,” said Barbara de Regil.

Sea of Regil follows in the footsteps of Barbara

A few days ago that Barbara de Regil celebrated the birthday of their daughter behind them, who arrived at the age of 16, and we were able to see how much he looks like his mother because Sea Regil follow the exercise routines of Barbara, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet.

Its 16 Sea Regil has a hot body enviable, and the simple fact of having a figure of dream and to be the daughter of a famous, has earned to have more than a million followers on instagram and become an influencer.

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Although Sea Regil still has not confessed what are your career aspirations, your followers expect you to become an actress or something similar, although many are betting that he will not to the environment.

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