Boat with infectious coronavirus ask for help on the coast of Cuba


Two people with coronavirus in a boat are asking for help off the coast of Cuba.

The boat is currently near the coast of Cayo Blanco del Sur, about 40 minutes away by sea from the coast of Trinidad, at the centre of the Island.

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The journalist of the official means Radio Sancti Spiritus, Lisandra Gomez, reported in social networks that the people have a sign asking for help because they have the COVID_19.

“As authorities of the Health sector and Guard Borders move to the place to assist them,” said the journalist, who added that this information had been offered by the President of the Council of Defense City of Trinidad.

The journalist argued that although there is a lot of uncertainty about the nationality of the two people, it is thought that they are germans.

“Less than an hour ago it happened the fact, and must go offshore,” said Gomez, referring to the authorities.

The local environment Escambray, which also echoed the news, is communicated via telephone with the chairman of the Defence Council of the Municipal, Denis Díaz Peláez, who claimed to have moved to Cayo Blanco with a team of coast guard, medical personnel and translators to assess the situation.

The above-mentioned medium and confirmed that the people of the boat were German, and one of the crew members looked up from the coast had come down to the dock.

These people came to ask for help from the cuban shores then that Bahamas denied entry by the presenting symptoms of the COVID-19.

Cayo Blanco del Sur, is also known as Cayo Largo del Sur, is a tourist pole of 15 kilometres long, where no people live, only remains the staff for the work of the tourism.

Today, the cruise ships Costa Magica and Costa Favolosa, with crew members infected by the coronavirus aboard, headed to a port in Miami, then that allegedly they had refused to sail in The Havana.

To the boats, where they travel fifteen crew members infected with coronavirus, together with one hundred suspects who remain isolated in their cabins, were not allowed on the Islands Mirtinica and Guadalupe desembarcaran crews, including the infected COVID-19.

Then sail to Cuba, but still the authorities have not pronounced on this event.

On march 18, Cuba received the passengers of the cruise ship MS Braemar, among those who had 5 cases of coronavirus.

The arrival of this cruise to Cuba, after which no votes in several Caribbean ports, caused great controversy between cubans, who believe that Cuba is not prepared to tackle this epidemic.