Boyfriend of Sheryl Rubio is upset after seeing some pictures of your beloved very sensual in a bathing suit (+PHOTOS AND CAPTURE)


The partner always shares the beautiful moments they spend together in social networks, and, as in any couple, in addition to happiness there is also jealousy.

The venezuelan Sheryl Rubio and her boyfriend canadian Shades Wade staged a comical moment in networks when this decided to upload some sexy pictures.

Through your account officer Instagram, Sheryl published a few photos posing in a bikini in the bathroom, next to the description, “That heat, That-ca in Miami How To color or black and white?”.


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What was not expected, the actress was that your boyfriend will comment on the post with jealousy, “I thought those photos were only for me!”. However, the creole handling the situation and sensually replied, “For you there is more than just photos”.

These responses caused an uproar among the followers of the protagonist of “We are you and I”, who did not hesitate to comment on phrases such as “Dang miss!”, “Upaaa”, “Lucky”, “Go Sheryl”, among others.

Despite carrying less than five months out, the relationship of Rubio and Wade seems to be going from strength to strength, even it was rumored that there were already preparations of wedding.

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