Camilo introduces us to “Favorite” your new music video with Evaluna

As a gift for their most fervent fans, Camilo published a few hours ago to his followers that for this Thursday, the 26th of march, will be available their next single musical “Favorite”.

Camilo became a trend in the networks, then this exciting announcement that brightened the days of quarantine of more than one of his followers, who were not expecting this music video until April.

“Favorite” is the fifth single from their first studio album and Camilo called “Second chapter” in his romantic love story with his beautiful wife, Evaluna Montaner.

Look at “Favorite” Camilo:

“In uncertain times, the only love is true. You are my favorite place. I love you, Evaluna,” wrote the new husband.

The interpreter of “Unknown” made happy their fans to give them the chance to listen to a preview of what is to come on his next record.

Just two weeks ago, Camilo and his wife, the actress and singer-songwriter venezuelan Evaluna, captivated more than 30 million people around the world with their first collaboration together and video “For the First Time, came to occupy the # 1 in the trending YouTube in 17 countries simultaneously.

Now with “Favorite”, their fans who are called “The tribe” will continue to be a part of one of the special moments of their lives, as the video, directed by Evaluna and Christian Saumeth, was filmed during their honeymoon in the French Polynesia.

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  • “Favorite is the second chapter of our love story. I had to give many turns in the world, eat everything, to know and to have different experiences for me to realize that my favourite place was Evaluna, that he speaks this song,” said Camilo.

This song is a mix of pop with reggae, composed by Camilo, Edgar Barrier, Jon Leone and Rafa Arcaute.

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