Carmen Villalobos shows us his radical change of look (+VIDEO)


After finishing the series ” Without breasts if there’s a paradise’, his protagonist Carmen Villalobos decided to take a change of look radical to leave behind the character of Catherine, and certainly the result is impressive.

Through its official channel of Youtubethe actress shared a video of over 10 minutes, where he shows the whole process of your new hair cut.

Recall that few days ago, Carmen announced that they had changed the look, but would reveal the final result until a few days after on his Youtube channel, because of this, the colombian I had days without showing your face on social networks.


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In the recording Villalobos, he commented to his stylist, “I come make a character for three years where he had the hair as long, in waves, and since the series ended, there was already a final then I want to get as the character, what can I do to change?”.

In addition to wonder how much was the minimum amount of hair that you could donate, demonstrating that despite the fame, the soap star has a big heart.

At the end, the actress of 36 years, expressed his happiness with his new cut, “New year, new life. Happy with my change of look! I hope you also have enjoyed”.

“In 2013 I cut my hair for a character I made and it was super cortico and I was eager to volvermelo to cut and I think that gave him the look that indicated, perfect”thanked the stylist Ricardo Silver.

And this was the end result

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