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Chepa Candela

¡¡¡ The last of this dying 2019, a year that has brought many scandals, flare, bretes and gossip to bulk!!!, on the whole, has given us enough fabric to cut in the matter of BEST AND WORST DRESSEDwithout leaving of side the used NI-NIS, who, as is tradition, will be in the street! In the usual listica that year to year I have offered… you Muscat! And celebrities who are offended by being portrayed as the clowns, you learn to dress!, Ooo otherwise you will cry pal valley…

Yyyy I best entered once in the field to tell you that the ROSMERI MARVAL (oh shock!)the brand-new wife of Aran de las Casas (¡double shock!) walk “enconchada”, tucked feet, head and limbs in their role as mothers, but also in the work that has been occupied, which is not another but your role in a soap opera colombian called The nightlife, which in its first season was broadcast by Televen with an incredible cast, and the “vegetable like celery”, it is quite entertaining… The case is that the Marval anda busy, leaving more responsibilities to her husband in view of his career is like your body (meaning: in pause), because after his participation in the series about the wonderful life of Simon Bolivarthe Liberator, where he had an outstanding appearance, now this is the moment of truth to paste it from the ceiling in the “sister republic”, where his talent has been appreciated and applauded… that Is why the former We are you & I go with a pair of gríngolas in the “cover” to avoid being distracted and, of course, to concentrate on work that, in the end, is what gives eating…

Yyyy “avanti” with him gossip, tell them that the OSMARIEL VILLALOBOS anda still here and there in the country that saw her birth, away from the typical problems of the divorce is going through, but don’t think that passes the hangover single, what a go!, that works as daisy leaf by leaf empiernada with a new love. ¡¡Jep, gentlemen!! The maracucha of yore, which has had a long list of loves, is already “sucking down the wind” with a new victim (ooops, I did it again!!), I say, a new love, in view that being single is fashionable and no longer has to pay allegiance to no-one… Ooo, the defiance lasted the same as the “chamba” in Miami, that is to say, a sigh… and believe it or not, your step by Venezuela matches Christmas and that is the excuse, but make no mistake, this reeks of man who uses expensive perfume…

Yyyy before lowering the santamaria for today, I tell them that the directors of the Televen (and this Hump that I type in here, and that ends up with his poor uñitas escarapeladas) has caused a lot of noise, the fact that the CHARYL CHACÓN have a program as People as one, with a posture serious, which tries to create awareness in a country that go to who needs it, and suddenly comes out with the chaborra of the Maleficent in the morning, following the deprivation and falling to gossip and international to give their opinions on things that have nothing to do with the image you want to give with the space he had once encouraged with the Luis Olavarrieta… The contradictions are the order of the day in the channel of the red ball… that Is why next year, that is at the back of the ski, will be casting for reencauchar fresh meat… ¡¡¡Baaaayyyy!!!


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