‘Come on John’: why Javier Camera left the comedy tv and has returned to it in the best time


This Sunday, march 29, comes to TNT the complete series ‘Go John,’ that the string will issue in a marathon of seven episodes starting at 15:45h. Written and directed by the people who brought us ‘Pagafantas’, ‘Superlópez’, ‘Shame’ or ‘Selfie’, the sequel to ‘Vote Joe’ comes just in time for us to rejoice a little for a moment dark. But its protagonist, Javier Cámara, is not new in this of making us laugh.

'Come On John'

The success and fame came to Javier Camera of the hand of the comedy television. His first major role was making us laugh on the telly, as a cure, along with Andrés Pajares in ‘Oh, Lord, Lord!’. After laughing along with Lina Morgan in ‘Hostal Royal Manzanares’, after which he returned to be another cure show ‘This is my neighborhood’, a family drama with some light touches, of course, comedy. But all these works were eclipsed by its role in more long-lived and more remembered, and also the most fun until now: Paco on ‘7 lives’, a series that imported the concept of sit-com us and marked an era of television. Following the release of laughter during almost a hundred episodes (and receive more or less the same number of collejas (Amparo Baró), Javier Cámara is tired of clowning around.

The actor rioja wanted to conquer other genres, and be able to be in a larger screen. It was not easy. Already in 1998 had cost him his first role in the film, which would be nominated as Best actor revelation in the Goya awards: assistant of walking aid for Santiago Segura in ‘Stream, the arm fool of the law’. The producer is not convinced because “I didn’t want actors of television”. And on television, not all understood. When he explained to his mother in the fiction that after five seasons is going to make another film because he had been offered a role she could not refuse, Amparo Baró took it as a blow much more painful than a bladder campion. “I don’t know you, I don’t know who you are”, he said.

The offer he couldn’t refuse it was Pedro Almodóvar, the Godfather of Spanish cinema: wanted protagonizase ‘Talk to her’, the movie with the manchego continued its conquest of world after ‘All about my mother’. Even though I had been 10 years picking at some minor roles in movies, this Benigno Martin, nurse obsessed with the dancer in a coma you are caring for, it was his first leading role on the big screen. Javier Camera landed in the cinema with double carambola and without losing your head: ‘Talk to her’ she won a Goya award, two BAFTA and an Oscar, and the actor was his second of seven nominations in the awards of the Spanish Film Academy.

'Talk to her'

What followed were 15 years of glory. He has worked with the greatest: Fernando Colomo, Julio Medem, José Luis Rope, Paul Berger, Isabel Coixet, Manuel Martín Cuenca, Cesc Gay, the Trueba (both Fernando and David), Borja Cobeaga, Gracia Querejeta… With many of them has repeated, reaching out to form links both personal and professional, which demonstrate that he not only is one of the best actors of our country, and also one of the companions most generous in the industry.

With the bobble head, the sixth was the charm: his first Goya won it for ‘Living is easy with eyes closed’, the Best actor. His second came with ‘Truman’ as Best supporting actor, giving the mirror another great, Ricardo Darin. Interestingly, there have been two papers that mixed the drama and comedy that we have achieved the recognition of the Academy.

Since then, Javier Cámara has not abandoned the cinema. And also not all the television, though his big return to the small screen what he did in 2016 outside of Spain: in the series of Paolo Sorrentino ‘The Young Pope’, in which he a parallel that sums up his career perfectly: he returned to play a cure, but this time changed to Andres Pajares by Jude Law and Diane Keaton. After that, he joined the third season of the phenomenon of Netflix ‘Narcos’, in which he worked with Pedro Pascal, and then went back to replicarle a big one: John Malkovich in ‘The New Pope’.

A return for the big door

'Come On John'

But the story of Javier Camera with the comedy television is the story of a first love, a separation and a reunion years later, when the two lovers have changed enough to re-fall in love with each other. Because when the actor has returned to starring in a comedy television, 18 years after leaving ‘7 lives’, the genre is unrecognizable.

In ‘Vote Joe’, created in 2019 by Diego San José, Juan Cavestany and Víctor García León for TNT, there is little of that sit-com overactive 90 in which the own Javier Camera has confessed to be “sobreactuado”.

‘Vote John’ and its sequel, ‘come on John’, which arrives this Sunday on TNT, are the definitive example of the comedy tv Spanish has been increased. And like our wine, you know better. Now that the format and the public are more adults thanks to drinking series ground-breaking as ‘The Office’ or ‘Veep’, Camera can afford to flee the gesture abrupt and the gag physical. The own actor is aware of this change in himself and in the industry: “My I twenty years I would say: breathe. Take the time. Waiting, quiet. The craft grows with you. As you transform as a person, give your characters more color, layers and depthhe said to ABC.

And to put the cherry on top, Camera has gone to the other side of the trenches for the first time, directing one of the seven episodes of ‘come on John’. With the humility that characterize the level, the actor makes sure to have launched this “daring and irresponsible” by the comfort offered by the team since they shot the first season. Supported by Diego San José, Borja Cobeaga and Víctor García León, Javier has been behind the camera. We will see the outcome this Sunday, when TNT broadcast the season ‘come on John’ full to from 15:45h. If you run the half of good that acts, we can be quiet.

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'Come On John'