Coronavirus: the family Ferrero will donate 10 million for the emergency


In these weeks, so hard, sono really very many individual citizens, corporations, companies, associations, decided in these days, in donations to hospitals throughout Italy committed to the emergency counter Coronavirus. Not an appeal to the miss family Ferrero.

The holders of the colossus confectionery, by the company, Ferrero Spa of Italy, have decided to donate 10 million euros the Commission for national emergencies, under the direction of Domenico Arcuri. The goal is a concrete help, in the worst phase of the emergency Coronavirus is.

The company Ferrero since the days had been accepted, the various initiatives to the benefit of their workers and for the support of the local community, for tackling the pandemic of Covid-19. There are no statements were made, as it is a tradition of the family, on the occasion of the initiatives of solidarity.


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