Cuba confirms 13 new cases of coronavirus; the total number amounted to 80


The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba (MINSAP) announced Friday that it recorded 13 new cases of coronavirus in the country, which lift the total number to 80.

In Cuba there are 1.851 entered in the isolation facilities and care, of which 136 are foreign and 1.715 cubans, and other 34.216 people are under surveillance in their homes from the Primary Health Care.

Dr. Francisco Duran, national director of Epidemiology of the MINSAP, reported that they maintain in the country a total of 851 patients, of whom 798 suspects and 73 confirmed. There are four patients of coronaviruses that have been released, a u.s. citizen from California who return to their country and two have died.

Have been applied up to the moment 1.039 diagnostic tests in the three laboratory facilities in the country.

Among the new infected there are 12 resident cuban and a French citizen. This is a man of 56 years to the day 24 presented respiratory symptoms in the screening of border made their exit from the country.

Data MINSAP on the incidence of coronavirus in Cuba

As a result, he was taken to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kourí (IPK), where he was admitted. Evolving in a favorable way and in the hotel where he was staying were detected 14 direct contacts. In this room follow the actions of epidemiological surveillance.

Among the infected premises there are a number of children. In this list is a eight-year old girl who resides in the municipality of Cárdenasin the province of Matanzas. To the island arrived on the 21st of march from Guyana with his mother, who was confirmed yesterday as a positive case. The child is admitted at Hospital Mario Múñoz Monroy.

Is also hospitalized another girl of seven, who lives in the municipality of Pinar del Ríoand of which visited between 4 and 11 march relatives from the united States. Experienced the first symptoms on day 19, while the 23 was diagnosed with respiratory problems. She was taken to the Hospital León Cuervo Rubio, where they are on surveillance to 25 contacts.

The third child is a cuban child 13 years of age who resides in the municipality of Consolación del Surprovince Pinar del Rio. He came to the largest of the Antilles on the 8th of march from Cancun accompanied by their parents, who were also confirmed as positive cases. The teenager had the first symptoms on day 21 and was admitted to the Hospital León Cuervo Rubio, where they are kept in surveillance 37 contacts.

In the Hospital Manuel Piti Fajardo is a young cuban lady 17 years of age, who resides in the municipality of Camajuaníin the province of Villa Clara. He began to develop symptoms on the day 23 in this hospital, where I was isolated for being a contact of one of the confirmed cases in previous days. In the public and private health care are kept under surveillance 12 contacts.

It is the same age as another young man in the municipality of Placetas, in the province of Villa Clara. In his case came to the country on march 20, from Miami along with her parents, both confirmed as positive cases in the previous days. The day 22 went with their parents to the Piti Fajardo, where he is hospitalized, and in which there are eight patients on surveillance.

The affected of older age in this new list is a 92 year old female, who lives in the municipality of Santa Clara, province Villa Clara. Was fed from day 18 in the Hospital Manuel Piti Fajardo, where they are kept in surveillance 13 contacts, by contact of a confirmed case. In this case, the MINSAP did not say what your current state of health.

In the same public and private health care is entered for another cuban woman, who resides in the municipality of Caibarién, provincia Villa Clara. This citizen, 53 years old, arrived in Cuba on 14 march from Venezuela. Day 23 had symptoms and was diagnosed with the virus in the control of travellers carried out by your family doctor on the 24th. Also revealed how it is evolving.

Among the new infected is a cuban 48-year-old who lives in the municipality San Miguel del Padrónin the province of Havana. Reached the greater Antilles from Panama on march 12. The 22 in the research follow-up performed by the doctor of the family, was identified as suspicious and referred to the Hospital Luis Díaz Soto, where he was admitted and kept under surveillance 12 contacts.

In this health centre is located a cuban 21 years of age, who resides in the municipality of Cerroin the province of Havana. Arrived on the 4th of march from Spain. Is contact her husband, a confirmed case, the 20 of march. As part of the focus control of her husband, the day 21 was detected with symptoms.

In the Hospital Mario Muñoz Monroy is isolated a cuban 24 years of Matanzas. Contact one of the confirmed cases, began with symptoms on the 22nd of march. Its evolution until the time is satisfactory.

The list is completed two cubans of 33 years. The first is resident in the municipality of Camagüey and is admitted to the Hospital Amalia Simoni, where they are under surveillance, 12 patients, by contact of one of the confirmed cases. On the 21st of march, presented the first symptoms.

The another citizen living in the municipality of Ranchueloin the province of Villa Clara. He came to Cuba last march 20, from the united States. Day 23 had symptoms and was detected in the control to travellers made by your family doctor, transferring it to the Hospital Manuel Piti Fajardo.

The pandemic has left them without employment 24.600 workers

In addition the health crisis also has left without employment for more than 24.600 workers and has generated 112.141 teleworkers in Cuba. So said Thursday the minister of Labour and Social Security, Maria Elena Feitó Cabrera, during a speech at the Round Table.

In the private sector have been lost-until now – 16-thousand-062 jobs, which are the number of suspensions of licenses and activity, as requested by small entrepreneurs and workers in the private sector, mainly in the sector of rental housing, restaurants and cafes, and 414 craftsmen.

Crowds to buy food

The pandemic led to the Cuban Government to put in place measures to prevent the spread of the virus. One of them was to impose a health quarantine all travelers to arrive at the territory. However the cubans that are in these isolation centres complained of the bad conditions of these enclosures.

In the last few hours spread images to warn of the conditions of overcrowding, as well as the poor state of the bathrooms. Even assured that there was no water in them.

Added to this are the queues that continue to occur daily in the country to buy food, something that posed a serious risk to not respect the minimum distance to avoid contamination.

The last incident of this kind occurred this Thursday in the shop The Tassel, Havana Center, where dozens of cubans protested in a queue to buy chicken.

The leader of the Island, Miguel Diaz-Canel, was asked to avoid the crowds, which will eliminate social and family activities, in addition to not leaving the house and order queues in the market.