Danai Gurira, Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’, leaves the series with an emotional message


The character of Michonne in ‘The Walking Dead’ has evolved to become without a doubt, one of the main, achieving the respect and affection of a large part of the fans. However, the series continues to progress, and as already commented, the character left the series in this, the tenth season. It is for this reason that the actress who plays, Danai Gurira, he has written a tweet saying good bye to the family that you have created around of the series.

“Is it possible to feel that your heart is broken and overwhelmed with love at the same time? Leave it to Michonne was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am very grateful for the kindness, beauty and generosity of love that I have received in the past few days.” ensured the actress in the farewell letter. They showed in addition very grateful to the fandom of the seriesensuring that has been something that has changed your life.

Regarding the equipment, “let you know with every ounce of my being how hard it is to find that kind of community and connection. People who will back you up, true partners who pursue the story above all things and overflowing with love and abundance.” For her all are stop you the same family, “everyone from Andrew Lincoln until the last faithful fans, we are all the family of ‘The Walking Dead’, and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.”

The Walking Dead

At the moment everything will be in the air

The march of Michonne was without a doubt one of the strong points of the season, but did not make clear if the character was not to return. In fact, one of the rumors that have been circulated by the media the last few days is that we might see in the movie that is already prepared within this universe. A movie that will be starring Rick Grimes, and you will have to wait to know if we can also see the character of Michonne.