Diego Matamoros confirms its positive for coronavirus


After a few days isolated in his home experiencing symptoms of the disease, such as high fever, cough and general discomfort, Diego Matamoros has given you test positive for coronavirus. The exconcursante of ‘Survivors’ has confirmed their suspicions, and still keeping a strict quarantine, disinfected, windows and furniture as it is because, as shown in a video on the website of Telecinco.

Diego Matamoros is positive in coronavirus

Diego Matamoros is positive in coronavirus

Through Instagram has launched a message of reassurance to his followers: “Just to tell you that to this day I am improving, I am in contact with the people I want to and isolated so as not to put at risk anyone“. The son of Kiko Matamoros, who lives alone since his separation with Wake Large, has also upgraded its symptoms: “I’ve been many days without smell or taste, I continue with the cough, but I have already burned other stages as the fever.”

In the face of this evil drink, the young of 34 years has found in his sister Laura Matamoros to your best allyas it has been she who has brought the food to pass these days of isolation. “Although I have not seen, thanks,” he wrote in a stories showing the bags with the purchase of the door of his house.

Encouragement and patience

A few days ago Matamoros explained that the worst of this situation was the loneliness, despite the company of his dog and calls his sister Laura, or his mother, Marian Flowers. “It’s hard to be alone in a house, all that we are and I find it very fucked up. I would have liked to spend this time with someone.” That’s why, now sends a message of encouragement and best wishes to the rest of the affected: “I Hope we can all get out soon from this situation. I send encouragement to each one of the people who are going through the same thing. A strong hug and many kisses”.