Does anyone think that Adele dropped it to 70 kilos! with chocolate and red wine?


We analyze the famous Sirtfood Diet, a plan of three weeks with the that allegedly the singer would have reduced your excess weight in record time. Another diet miracle that came from Hollywood and confused. For You Fit going by the opinion of the specialists.

In the corridors of Hollywood began to spread the rumor that the nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten had designed a diet called Sirtfood especially for stars, including the singer Adele, who dropped 70 pounds and radically changed his body.

The most striking aspect of this plan is that it promises a loss of 3 pounds per week… with red wine and chocolate! “There are two very important data to take into account: first if you’re going to do a diet just because he made a famous, it ends up being marketing. And, second, that when we go down of weight very fast (like 3 kilos in 1 week) the more likely it is that this can’t be sustainable, and these kilos for the future is to rise again,” explains the nutritionist and specialist in Obesity, Daniela Natale (MN 7424).

If there is some doubt: the solution to losing weight and never regaining it is to change habits. Not in dieting.

Striking images of Adele with 70 kilos less. Photo: Instagram.

What is the Sirtfood Diet?

In addition to having been chosen (say…) by celebrities such as Madonna, Daniel Craig, Pippa Middleton and Adele, this nutritional plan is born in Canada would have a cost of$ 2,000 per week.

The basis of this diet consists of foods rich in enzymes sirtuins or SIRS (Silent Information Regulators), which creates in our bodies an effect similar to fast and it would be noticeable inflammation in the abdomen.

Consulted For You, ms. Natale lists some of the foods allowed by this diet: green leafy vegetables, fruits, tea, turkey, capers, parsley, chicken, kale, or shrimp and wheat noodles. “It does not pose a food education or management of emotions. You plant a food plan of three weeks very restrictive, especially in the first stage, which is 1000 calories a day,” warns the specialist.

Smile from ear to ear, Adele looks to your new figure. Photo: Instagram

Change “miracle” of Adele

Although the british singer of 31 years has dramatically changed her physique in a short time (coincided with her divorce with Simon Koneck, in April of 2019), never used their social networks, or the few interviews he granted in to talk about the topic.

However, it was his teacher of pilates, Camila Goodis, who went on to say that his amazing before and after not only had to do with food, but that theirs was a transformation much more extensive. “I don’t think you would like much exercise, but has changed his style of life,” he told The Sun.

Camila Goodis talks about “transformation” of Adele

Far from a miracle of 3 weeks, the coach and friend of Adele said that she does sessions of 60 minutes which include cardio, circuit training and pilates. “You have found a routine that is working and is enjoying”, he insisted.

Apparently, the miracle of Adele is called change of habits and hard work.

A version of Adele which few remember. Photo: Instagram.