Drake Bell for the first time starred in a mexican soap opera


The actor and singer of american origin Drake Bell is doing everything in order to be considered as a mexican. Even the artist is learning very well to speak English and their social networks changed to this language for some time. And now, it could be even more mexican because he has already starred in his the first soap opera. OMG!

The protagonist of the series of comedy of youth “Drake & Josh”,he has become a fan of the Latin culture, especially the mexican. Drake Bell’s 33-year-old even decided for some time to be called Drake Bell (Bell in English) in all of your social networks; therefore, it has gotten a lot more followers and fans of Latin america.

But now, the actor and singer is doing everything that a star of our country, as to be the protagonist of a mexican soap opera. How is it possible? during your participation in the program of the united States “We dropped the night” hosted by Alex Flanagan (The Scorpion Gold), you are invited Drake to perform an original scene of melodrama to the side of the actress and singer Litzy.

Drake Bell as heartthrob of mexican soap operas

The interpreter of “Slow Fire” was very excited with the dynamics of the program, Alex Montiel and gave us various details that are commonly used in the soap operas of Mexico, as the long names, the drama, the romance, the heartbreak and the tragic deaths. Even the Scorpion Gold appeared on the scene to be who “the opponent” of Drake Bell.

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Litzy in this case was the co-star of Drake Bell, bearing in mind that she is an actress of melodramas like “the other side of the wall,” “Sinful,” and “Lady Steel.” This moment was very appreciated by the fans of latinos and mexicans who are sure that the singer and actor himself could venture on the small screen in mexico as the next “heartthrob of telenovelas”.