Edwin Moon is unstable emotionally and he attempted suicide it Soul Zero confesses!


Edwin Moonwas the relationship more toxic Soul Zeroso confesses the actress during an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, published on its official YouTube channel.

Edwin Moon is unstable emotionally and he attempted suicide it Soul Zero confesses!

Soul Zero and Edwin Moon

According to Soul Zero – who shot to fame in “Mary of all the Angels” of Televisa -, Edwin Moon it was a “couple manipulative”, which even threatened to attempt against his life during an argument.

“And after! I fell in love with, but the more toxic of my life. I was not ready, was not thinking in my. He was always thinking of someone else,” began the story of Soul Zero.

Regarding the incident when Edwin Luna tried to commit suicide, Soul Zero, confessed that it took place less than three months of marriage with the singer.

“Went on a talk very dramatic, where he attempted against his life, is a subject strong […] He asked me out, which, to two and a half months of having signed our marriage, she asked me out and I went, I don’t know exactly what was the click but I was very toxic, the relationship was very toxic”.

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Soul of Zero and his marriage to Edwin Moon

“I got a couple manipulative, a couple that has a lot to fix. I fell in love with the idea of ‘now if I’m already going to have my family’ and it is wrong […] You’re seeing how it is the situation and you get, you think that you can change the person”.

Soul Zero confessed that Edwin Moon also was unfaithful on many occasions , until I finally ended the relationship by the romance of singer Kimberly Flowers.

“I appreciate very much that you have come across the person you are, because it helped me as a (get out of that relationship). I bless that woman, I think she has to live its own process, could not attack it”.