Exposed to the ex-Maluma before their surgeries it Looks unrecognizable!


Maluma has given a lot of what to talk about during the last few months, as the famous reggaetonero colombian has not been arrested for anything, both in his musical career as the scandals of his personal life.

Most recently he was involved in controversy after terminating your relationship with the world-famous model Natalia Barulich, but forgot it very fast since I was seen very affectionate with the popular model with vitiligo Winnie Harlow.

After a few days Maluma was caught again with their ex, they have become a trend in social networks, so that as expected, the negative came out, now affecting Natalia Barulich.

Exposed to Natalia Barulich before their surgeries

For several hours have circulated in social networks a video where you can see what he looked like Natalia Barulich before his arrangements as aesthetic, what ignited the alarms from all sites.

As we can remember, Natalia Barulich had already done their surgeries before you start a relationship with Maluma, whom he met during the filming of the popular video ‘4 baby’.

Maluma would not have done if

In the picture you can see the great change that has taken Natalia Barulich since his surgeries, where you can see the arrangements mostly on his nose, which before was much more pointed.

Also her lips were much thinner than they look now, it is suspected that it is one of the famous that has resorted to the botox to look your best.

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The eyes were also a part of his face was changed, because before you even looked a little droopy, besides her obvious breast augmentation, which was the surgery more evident that I had.

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