“Farewell.” Paz Padilla can’t stop crying. Message heartbreaking


March 26, 2020
(11:20 CET)

Sometimes when everything goes wrong, you can only go worse and you think that you will not see the light at the end of that tunnel. The entire country is confined at home due to the state of alarm decreed two weeks ago to fight against the coronavirus. A disease that has already taken more than 3,000 people, among them Carlos Falcó, father of Tamara Falcó. All the citizens are living in difficult times, fear and uncertainty, however, becomes a nightmare if you lose a loved one that not even you can kiss it goodbye.

Paz Padilla have mounted in your house a “sweat shop” manufacturing of masks. A form of entertainment and help in this fight. His sister and nephew, who are medical personnel, we have been told that the situation is worse than you imagine, and missing material. The cadiz wants no more deaths and halting the wave of hiv infections. Don’t want to see more people torn apart like Tamara Falcó.

Only yesterday, the designer was able to make a requiem to his father in the crematorium, do not have the option to more. Funeral homes are saturated and the body must be cremated. The businesswoman was accompanied by two of his brothers, paternal, but not even them could not embrace or kiss in these moments so hard.

Since he jumped the news, a few hours after his emotional message on father’s day, Falcó kept absolute silence. But a few days after finally being pronounced with a message heartbreaking that has thrilled all their followers. With a family photo, the daughter of Isabel Preysler wrote:

“From the family Falcó we want to thank all the people who have shown so much love and support during these last few weeks. In particular, we would like to thank the doctors, the health of the Fundación Jiménez Díaz and the grupo Quirón, the attention and care that he received our father since he joined until his death. Our Father was an exceptional person, who loved his country and worked for him tirelessly, as a farmer, wine producer and importing technologies that modernized the country’s industry. It was an idealistic, good, and generous with his sons and friends and will always live in our memory.
Manolo, Sandra, Tamara, Duarte and Aldara”

Many friends and girlfriends and all their followers, gave messages of support and affection. Paz Padilla could not contain the tears. Now more than ever wants to make the biggest number of masks possible to the toilets that deserve more than a round of applause to the day.