FOLLOW THE INTRIGUE – Leonardo Villalobos sings to Kerly Ruíz “you Did a lot of damage” (+VIDEO)


Leonardo Villalobos used Instagram to download against the cheerleader Kerly Ruíz.

The presenter venezuelan Leonardo Villalobos gave some clarification by means of Instagram about the interview Irrael Gomez we did Kerly Ruíz where the cheerleader Chic to the Day he said he in the channel of the hill he had been spat on and had closed the door in the face on several occasions when he had to do an interview.

Leonardo spoke on various topics in the video Instagram, where she was involved with the interview of Kerly stating that it was “cool” but I had things to clarify.

He began by saying that: “There was a medium (…) that tried to misrepresent the interview, she really was very correct, as insinuating that I had spat on Kerly. What thing so horrible! Really this seems to me one of the gestures most unpleasant and lowest that can exist”.

Then realize: “I do acknowledge that when Kerly came to Venevision I do not accept interviews, I was not going to where she was, but is that Comadre, Kerly! You did a lot of damage”.

He also spoke on the day that he closed the door in the face, saying that it was his way of draining all the damage she had caused from The Pumpand he said: “She was to interview 30 minutes before the Miss Venezuela and told him I couldn’t because I was preparing, and I closed the door with a great deal of taste.”

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“Kerly you did the impossible life to the Chicken Brito, to Danielita and said very nasty things” he reminded the host of Chic to the Day.

Despite the fact that he did not want to comment, Villalobos blurted out that their son suffered from bullying because of the comments that towards Ruiz in the television program. “My son suffered a lot of buffeting of the Villabobos you (Kerly) popularizaste both”.

Likewise, he emphasized that he and his years in Venevision “I left you far behind” but he acknowledged that “Yes, he was injured”, though he was not the only one as she also had made of the daughter of Mariangel Ruiz. “When you came to Venevision none you wanted, don’t wanted to”said Villalobos.

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