Hailey Baldwin: Affects genetic condition to the wife of Justin Bieber


Hailey Baldwin, model and wife of Justin Bieber, revealed that he suffers ectrodactilia, an inherited genetic condition that causes a deformation in the fingers, reported Page Six.

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The model made the revelation in its account of Instagram, as a response to people who constantly asked about the appearance of their pinky fingers. “I have this thing called ectrodactilia, which causes my fingers to look as good as they look. It is genetic and I’ve had it all my life.

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“This is for people to stop telling me: ‘what wrong you can see his pinky fingers!’, that is what is wrong,” explained Baldwin.

The wife of Justin Bieber added another story in which he asked his followers that, once cleared your condition, stop to ask you about the appearance of your pinky.

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This condition is also known as split hand, the hand of lobster claw or hand cleaved, a term that is more common.

It is worth mentioning that the singer Justin Bieber has received strong criticism after the “aggressive face” that pointed to witnesses against his wife. Users in social networks expressed their discomfort lashing out against the canadian singer who noted “will not last long your marriage” if you continue with that attitude.

The above, is derived from a video where the singer of “Yummi” had an act against his wife, which many termed as a “descortes” to slam the door in your face. For the images in the video shows that Bieber, off of a black van with a sweatshirt that covers your head and your eyes hidden under dark glasses, behind the interpreter Hailey follows her husband, however the singer closed the car door in the face of Baldwin which led to several negative reviews for the controversial performer.