Hailey Baldwin wants to be the next Rihanna, or model, or ‘influencer’


The covers of the magazines all over the world and advertising campaigns agree that Hailey Baldwin is a model of international stature. A status that has been achieved without having to make a career on the catwalk, a place where you have never been to their hearts content. On more than one occasion has commented that to the side of her friends Bella and Gigi Hadid feels very small (and I measured 1,70 meters), knowing that the height is a prerequisite to participate in the parades. Even when has come to work in the Fashion Week, surpassing the castings, has been very critical with the way you move. “There is not, and will never again be mine”came to write last summer, hinting that his future would take a new direction away from the modeling industry, but not too much.

Hailey Baldwin

And is that the true passion of the model is the clothes. For a lot of with the help of the stylist Maeve Reilly, what is certain is that Hailey enjoys creating looks and blends that inspire its fans, an initiative that the healthcare applauds before the imagination of his client and friend. What would that mean then that the dummy would be ready to follow the steps of other influencers as Olivia Palermo or Chiara Ferragni? In the end, would not be the first model that becomes a brand ambassador of brands. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Elsa Hosk or Izabel Goulart have made their social profiles a whole album of trends.

Hailey Baldwin

But the steps of Hailey also does not seem to want to follow that direction, but rather the road that lies behind all of this: fashion design. In his last interview, who has given to the magazine ‘Elle’, have been completely opened by confessing what is really your dream, nothing is further converted into the new Rihanna or Victoria Beckham. “I would love to start designing clothing. In truth it is one of the reasons why I wanted to enter the modeling industry,” admitted the model. Which the Barbados is among their referents, it is not a coincidence, either, that his idea would be to make sports clothing.

Hailey and Justin

“I would like to create sportswear that is comfortable. I love what Rihanna is doing. I think she is amazing and her line is great. I also like the twins Olsen. I have been your fan since the time of ‘Passport to Paris’. It is just what I want to do something for me, and if people like it, it would be brilliant,” he told the magazine. While Hailey is not done to give the step what is certain is that your creative side is already showing, closely follows the progress of Drewthe brand of Justin Bieber where it was rumoured that it would launch its own collection of makeup.