“I think that a person’s service to me has been infected”


Jaime Peñafiel is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable people on the Actual House in our country. A large part of his professional career has been dedicated to precisely analyze all the steps of the members of the monarchy and after a time away from the foci now is back in the news, although this time for a reason quite different. The renowned journalist has confessed in a interview in the journal Week create suffer coronavirus. The partner of television has explained that he suffers all the symptoms of the infected by the COVID-19 and has therefore decided to isolate themselves in their home next to his wife.

Jaime Peñafiel

Jaime Peñafiel

In an extensive interview with the media after a information advanced in Soon, Peñafiel explained that weeks ago, he and his wife had decided to move to the farm they both have in Toledo to be in that place the time in that it extended the quarantine, a movement that could have been the deciding factor for its spread is that the journalist is convinced that she contracted there the COVID-19. “I think that has been one of the people in the service that we have been infected. My wife also has it so that we come running to my residence in Madrid and here we are now she and I alone,” explains the expert in Home Real in the interview.

It is well

Penafiel explains that he has all the symptoms of the coronavirus, including fever, for it is convinced that itself has been infected. It is worth remembering that the journalist is among the group of people with high-risk since that is 88 years old. In spite of this, this is very peaceful, both for him as for his wife, who also confesses not to be too alerted by the disease. “If it worsened or I have shortness of breath my doctor has already told me that I would have that log (…) now I am being controlled and yes I’ve been told that all the symptoms are from this virus (…) but for the moment, yes that I’m fine“.

Other famous faces affected

With Jaime Peñafiel, we find an infinity of familiar faces in all the areas that have been affected by the COVID-19. One of the last to confirm its contagion is the vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo. The same executive also infected the minister of Equality, Irene Montero and the responsible of the ministry of Territorial Policy, Carolina, Daria, the president of the Community of Madrid Isabel Diaz Ayuso, or the former minister of the same community, Esperanza Aguirre. In parallel, faces from the world of show business as Plácido Domingo or the well-known actor Daniel Dae Kim in the series ‘Hawaii 5.0’ also have given positive.