If you stop drinking alcohol adelgazarás it all! in only a month


Beer and alcohol drinking

March 26, 2020
(14:41 CET)

These days of confinement are ideal for quit some vices that we have as drinking alcohol, or smoking, that essentially the only thing that causes us is that our health gets worse, and that is what we want right now.

With the limitation of travel the supermarket is a tremendous opportunity to leave those beers that way and there are no options to go to a cocktail bar for the night to try to reach the fun with the dot, which gives us the alcohol, we are in the time to take care of us.

In addition, one of the risks that more causes the alcohol in our body is the cardiovascular, because it can lead to obesity. Therefore, if we leave it is likely that we remove a few pounds above it.

A common case

The magazine Women’s Health has reflected the case of a social drinker usual, we’re not even talking about a alcoholicbut a woman who drank in their social outings.

The change after six months has been significant, losing a total of six kilos without changing anything else in your diet or lifestyle beyond that to quit drinking alcohol. A kilo per month.

In addition, McKenzie Maxson, the woman in question, explained what was causing the alcohol in your body: ·After consuming all of these empty calories, I felt craving for almost any food to which it may have access, from ice cream to French fries.”

With this engordó 6 kilos, that has now been removed thanks to abandon that habit of drinking alcohol. She explained how was the process: “in The beginning, gave their drinks to other people and even came to derramarlas, to not have to give explanations. Little by little, I was able to answer with a simple: ‘Thanks, I don’t drink’

And is that the addictions, although in lesser degree can lead to secondary problems such as the overweight, something we can be very problematic in the long run for our health.to.