influencer u.s. gives positive COVID-19


The dangerous and controversial challenge coronavirus or #CoronavirusChallenge already passed its first bill. The influencer Larz, one of the precursors of such nonsense, announced that is entered after giving the positive COVID-19.

The instagrammer 21 years old, and natural, Beverly Hills, California, shot his popularity in networking after joining the challenge launched by Ava Louise, star of Tik Tok –social network most popular among young people–, that is filmed licking the toilet of a plane.

The young man was baptized by his ‘feat’ as #CoronavirusChallenge and urged its more than 20 000 followers to imitate her licking toilets of public places.

Larz was among the first to follow the challenge and, just a few days after, it has become again in the news for being the first of all those who have practiced the #CoronavirusChallenge to be positive COVID-19.

In your video of Tik Tok, Larz went to a public restroom and licked several times the surface area of one of the toilets, in addition to put their hands in the toilet like on the wall and floor of the place.

After reporting that it had become infected by coronaviruses, the Twitter account of Larz was blocked by the platform due to the wave of criticism and insults that he received the influencer.

The news has generated opinions are divided: while some believe that it may be a lie of the influencer to continue to capture followers and becoming known; another considered that, if true, is deserved by irresponsible.

Since the launch of the challenge, he unleashed thousands of critical and originated a grain of controversy in the networks. Many health workers have also been added to the censorship of this challenge, which they have called “irresponsible and selfish”.

United states, where he launched the challenge and have added more people, is the third country with more cases of coronavirus confirmed in the world, after China and Italy, but is very few cases of overcoming them.

The irresponsibility, indiscipline and unbelief of the young has been one of the main problems that have had to deal with both the authorities and the health staff. The past week was news that a group of young English tosieron and spit at the cops that they were trying to send to their homes.