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Jojo Rabbit is the story of a sweet and shy German child of ten years, Jojo Betzler, nicknamed “Rabbit” after an episode with a small rabbit, belonging to the hitler youth during the difficult years of the Second world war.
We are in Germany in the year 1944, the father of Jojo is at the front in Italy, while his mother, Rose, is taking care of him, after the death of her sister.
The child spends his days in the company of the website, his only true friend, and a field for young nazis, led by the captain Klenze village. Although considered crazy by his peers, the guy is a nazi feels an advantage, because he has a special imaginary friend something: a version of the grotesque and caricature of Adolf Hitler.
Jojo hates the Jews, although it has not seen, is firmly convinced that it can kill really you is.
His vision of a nazi world changes completely when he learns that his mother hid in the attic of a Jewish girl.
From this moment on, Jojo must reckon with the growing doubts as to the nationalism, and in this strife inside, it will be helped only by his imaginary friend, Adolf.


The genius of Taika Waititi has struck again, and by his intelligence, and his open-minded sense of humor, he writes and directs a satirical Comedy that sees in the center of the story, the imaginary friend of a little boy Germans during the second world war, the other is not, which is a bizarre and ridiculous version of the dictator Adolf Hitler.
Waititi, the son, the mother is Jewish and the father is maori, to fight has always been against the prejudice that has decided with his satirical “anti-hatred” in the footsteps of this field by some of his movie heroes: Mel Brooks, Charlie Chaplin, Ernest Lubitsch and Stanley Kubrick.
The film is seen from the subjective, the small Jojo; every scene, every intervention of the imaginary Hitler, to which they are bound, by the emotions that you can try, a boy of only 10 years, of which the world changes in the course of history be so miserable. The most important example is there of the development, the relationship with the Jewish girl, that first, almost like something out of a horror movie, a view from the small Jojo, as an alien who is capable of terrible things, and relationship, which are folded in the course of the story changes absolutely up to.
The fact, revise the tragedy, the largest in 1900 in the form of a game, a child works great, so that it is even more painful on the idea of these years.
Thanks to Jojo, we know how the Nazis could attack and destroy the innocence of these children, to do taking advantage of your naivety, so you need to be as light as possible miss, so that a positive and properly, their eyes deeds of unheard-of cruelty against humanity.
The interpretations of all involved actors to make a maximum, especially of the same Waititi, that Hitler brings to the fore invented by himself, that he is the sole purpose of raising awareness through exaggeration (glaring example is the scene in which the Gestapo go home, Jojo and repeated “Heil Hitler” 31 times in a minute, shows the absurdity of the protocols nazis). Waititi, in an interview explained, “If something seems a bit too simple for me, I have the chaos like us. I have always believed that the Comedy would be the best way to help you feel comfortable with the audience”. In this film it creates, the great, succeeded in the great intention to make you feel, although you can see themes of great drama and at the same time a feeling of discomfort, creating, as the national socialism played to earn with the thoughts of the children, to the public acceptance.
Finally, I would like to say that Jojo Rabbit is laughing backed up, such as raising the awareness for the historical period. In my humble opinion this film is to be proposed should be seen and reviewed in each class of each school.

“If you were Hitler, to make the ridiculous then you have won”

Taika Waititi

You can define with a single word… masterpiece.

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