“Isolated.” Gema Lopez advised. “Take the test”

March 27, 2020
(13:39 CET)

Gema López and the rest of collaborators of Save me have been in contact with him because over the last few weeks was one of the guest space to talk about your break up with Wake Great. Diego Matamoros worried his followers with the latest declarations.

The young man has made a revelation in a video posted on the platform Mtmad in the that he has opened his heart as never before had done.

Diego MatamorosDiego Matamoros ensures that you are not being easy to overcome the rupture with Wake Great. Tried by all means to be reconciled, but it was impossible. The son of Kiko Matamoros what is really going wrong and more in these very difficult times that are happening in the country. It is isolated totally alone.

In these moments of solitude, Diego Matamoros recalled the good times they lived side by side Wake Large, which would have softened the heart of the young man, who ensures that in the future we would love to go back with Diego Matamoros. Home has had plenty of time to think all this through and clarify their feelings, in addition to seeking balance and inner peace.


“It was a wonderful day that we prepare the two for a long time. I think that I will always remember as a fun night and above all very romantic with lots of love and with a lot of magic you could say. When I saw the Trail going down to the pier with her father, said to him: ‘Go to woman’, and not by the physical”, has been expressed with the heart in the hand.

Diego has confessed to having lived his breakdown as “a hostión actually very fat” and having gone to accounts of this “the worst five months of my life.” “I would have liked that things had been different for the love that I have had and am still having to Wake, but it is hard because it is very different from what I expected to what has happened”, it has been explained to you.

The young man has revealed his biggest fear: “With the passage of time, my biggest fear is to stay alone, not finding someone with whom to spend my life.”

Between all this, he also has revealed that you could have coronavirus. “Hi guys. I have several days sick, I note in the voice. I’m going to tell you the symptoms that I am suffering from today”, has started to explain in his video. The influencer has explained with all sorts of details what he feels and what he has done to jump all the alarms about its possible spread. “I’m home, secluded, attempt not to have contact with anyone. Maybe I can be one of the carriers. I called the phone number of Madrid and is going to call me a doctor”, he has explained.

Diego Matamoros coronavirus

Finally, after you have all the symptoms, Diego Matamoros has a positive coronavirus. Your suspicions are confirmed and saved to quarantine in your home. Isolated and completely alone. Through Instagram has launched a message of reassurance to his followers: “Just to tell you that today I am improving, I am in contact with the people I want to and isolated so as not to put at risk anybody.”

The same happened to David Muñoz, the exconcursante of Survivors have lost the taste and the smell, another of the symptoms of coronavirus. “I’ve been many days without smell or taste, I continue with the cough, but I have already burned other stages such as fever,” he says.

Is Laura Matamoros who has come to take the food home. Diego Matamoros sends encouragement to all those who pass through the same situation. “I hope we can all get out soon of this situation. I send encouragement to each one of the people who are going through the same thing. A strong hug and many kisses”.

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