It all cleared up! Harry Styles denies alleged affair with Adele Does Nor will there be collaboration?


The british Harry Styles was caught vacationing together with his colleague, Adele, and since then have not stopped the rumors of a romance between the two.

However, the artist of 26 years, has declared that between him and the singer there is no romance and that they are not working together on any topic.

All these speculations were born to root that in the past month of January were seen together in the Caribbean. Remember that Adele has been divorced for a few months, Simon Konecki.

Harry said in the SiriusXM Howard Stern: “I Feel that at any moment that two musicians together, or are dating or are recording a track”.

The artist, who came to maintain a relationship with the singer Taylor Swift, declared that he came to be in love with Kendall Jenner and model Cara Delevingne.

“It is always a kind of balance, because you want to exit normally but you also want to protect it so that it can be normal,” he stated the britishwho ensures that you would like to keep her love life as private as possible to protect it.

In addition, Harry Styles he went on to say that: “I Think that a large part of this is as if they wanted to spend enough time together to know each other before having to deal with the extra stuff”.