“It has a bad end.” The coronavirus benching to Pablo Motos (The Anthill)


March 27, 2020
(13:25 CET)

The coronavirus is affecting in all areas. Even in the television. Many programs have been cancelled until further notice and others have had to adapt to the circumstances. Zapeando, The Intermediate, Everything is a lie or The Anthill make connections from home. The program of Pablo Motos account without a large part of your computer. Have transformed your program in a discussion table and the guests appear by video call. Yes, they are still high. The space Antenna 3 has not been impaired your hearing, quite the opposite. None of the programs this week descends from the 3 million viewers and that is that whatever you do The Ant is a guarantee of success.

Pablo Motos

Atresmedia was preparing for The Challenge. A new program where celebrities face great challenges. Your greatest bet for the new course, however they had to stop their production because of the coronavirus. This idea arises from the section of Pilar Rubio in The Anthill. The intention is that the famous attempt to overcome the challenges proposed to them that he never would have imagined that they would do.

The own Pablo Motos has explained that this new program is paralyzed until further notice by the coronavirus. “It was leaked that we are preparing The challengebut by the time we had to remove everything (…) is a program where famous people did things that we thought that he was not empowered,”he explained the presenter, while Jorge Salvador, has corroborated the information explaining that these celebrities “were going to do challenges of all kinds.”

The future of the space remains in the air. It is unknown if they will be able to move forward with this project. There is also the possibility of not being able to carry out. The team of 7 and action to abandon the ship where they carried out the recordings for their high cost. The program he had already closed the entire castingtherefore the recordings were about to be performed.

This week it became known that Antenna 3 was in negotiations with Roberto Leal to be the presenter of this project, and also the return of Pasapalabra to Atresmedia.