“It is a knobbed!”. Scandal with Selena Gomez in USA. It last time!


March 26, 2020
(13:40 CET)

Much is being talked about in the last days of Selena Gomez in the last few hours on social networks. For a number of reasons. The first of them is because, as has been shown in other occasions, the singer has been one of the celebrities that has been moved to fight against the coronavirus.

Obviously, taking into account that it is not that you can get out of your house as in a normal situation, Gomez you have chosen your social networks to promote a series of campaigns.

Taking into account that accumulates neither more nor less than 171 million followers only in Instagramyour message reaches all corners of the planet. In this case, it has been recorded by carrying out one of the challenges of the viral of the moment: wash your hands correctly and efficiently, one of the measures that the experts suggest such as very effective to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The scandal with Selena Gomez

But eye because it is the second reason why Selena it has become one of the celebrities, more named networks that has left many with his mouth open. And is that, as noted by several means to americans, is no other than Justin Bieberhis ex-partner, who, confined to his house, you would be inspired and would have composed a song dedicated to Gomez.

Remember that, bearing in mind that in its time was the couple more media coverage of the music scene, many saw in the letter of the Lose you to love me a clear message Selena to Justin.

justin bieber and selena

Now it seems that it could the same thing happen, but in the other direction. And of course, taking into account that there is no secret that, in the many years of relationship that they had Justin and Selena, it was the canadian who was unfaithful in more than one case, not a few are already warned his current wife, the model Hailey Baldwinthat Bieber could return to the old ways.

It’s more, comments like “it is a horned” or “Justin Bieber is going to re-roll” already flying through the social networks. We will see that yes, once they leave, they new songs of Bieber, if the dedication is real or not.