It’s black and furry! Attention to the photo


March 26, 2020
(12:40 CET)

There are many celebrities who celebrate that applications such as Instagram or Twitter they have become something regular in your day-to-day. Among other things because this kind of social networks have helped them much to gain followers in recent times.

Big names of the music industry as well as Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Shakira, Beyoncé or Selena Gomezamong many others, can attest to that. Some networks in which each and every one of them cares (and very well) his image.

Among other things because, in an era where the aesthetic has become something very important in the music industry, all photos must be flattering, and videos in which the stars shine even more than normal, you are more than welcome.

The photo of Beyoncé

But of course, as you well know also all of them, social networks have a negative side: the haters. A phenomenon that does nothing but grow and in which its protagonists do not do more than try to leave the celebrities on the floor by circulating the networks photos and videos that appear in compromising situations.

And now he has touched Beyoncé, an artist who, with the passage of the years, he has been earning the antipathy of many to consider that it has been ‘deified’ too. As is well known by its followers, the norms of the singer at the time to be able to do pictures are not exactly very lax.

The singer takes complete control of his image on their networks, but what you can’t control are the photos that fly by the forums. Photos like this one in which he sees “a moustache of scandal”, as they say many of its detractors in the comments.


What a beast”, “Amazing”, “my Mother but is that what it is?” or “What a beast that is not what depilate” these are just some of the many comments that fly by the networks. A photo, sure, if I could, Beyoncé would today.