Jackal and Enzo cheer to their fans and released “The liar” in the middle of the quarantine


The cuban singer of urban music Ramon Lavado, known as Jackal between the entertainment, has premiered a new musical work through his YouTube channel.

This is the video clip for the single titled The liar that was produced by Dj Unic and works with the also reguetonero cubano Enzo, also nicknamed as “The melody of secrets”.

The audio-visual material, performed under the direction of Felix Felo Carbajales, was released through the official YouTube channel of Jackal.

So far, the video clip of The liar it has been my good reception among the public reguetonero and by many of the faithful followers of both artists of the genre urban.

In less than 24 hours the audio-visual has managed to accumulate more than 25 thousand views and hundreds of comments that support the union between Jackal and Enzo “The Melody of secrets” and assaulting the reggaeton that I have been gifted a bit of lively music during the quarantine by the coronavirus.

“How cool, to go better this ambush, soon we will leave this”, “Thank you for rejoice these days as grisese”, “Dance at home with your songs, always a Jackal this”, “What a rich topic, I’ve animated the day”, “Two of the biggest of Cuba, I loved it”, “It already smells like success, very hard to this song” or “To enjoy with Jackal and Enzo in quarantine”, are bar of the messages that can be read in the publication of the video on YouTube.

With its launch, The liar becomes the first official collaboration of Jackal and Enzo “The Melody of secrets”, a bet that so far has all the ballots to become one of the next hits that more will during this summer 2020.

Although this is their first time together at “The demon of fame”, Enzo himself who has experienced the power of collaboration with other major artists of the genre city of the island and has all the successes that sound without stop in the playlists of the more reggaeton.

Without going any further, recently participated with the Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, or simply Jacob Forever, in the remix of Please.