Jamie Lorente (‘The House of Paper’): “Denver has a macho behavior, but is open to see why it has”


‘The House of Paper’ is coming to Netflix with its Part 4 to enliven the quarantine. The thousands of fans all over the world are already eager to know how will the risky heist of the band to the Bank of Spain. Part 3 ended with all the frames that are more open than ever, and with the group of robbers in the situation more delicate than they have lived until now, that is saying something.

Denver and Stockholm in 'The House of Paper'

Within that group are Jaime Lorente and Esther Holly giving life to the couple formed by Denver and Stockholm. A relationship that has been getting toxic, and has left many samples of machismo as it has advanced the plot. Before that, Lorente is fully aware and ensures that you have to analyze is “why has that behavior and see what anchors the emotional, social and relational Stockholm make him behave so”. And is that, in his opinion, the series portrays him very well as a real-life situation: “The series has done very well in not presenting the plot in Denver and Stockholm as a pamphlet ideological”.

This Part 4 really was filmed continuously to its predecessor, so for the team it has not always been easy to stay out of possible spoilers in both promotional campaigns. “It is a matter of trust in the team you have around you and let yourself go”says Holly. “We are mere drivers of information but there are a lot of people reminding us what we do and what we can not say”explains.

Live puppeteers

About the quarantine and the hard times that you live the whole of society currently, Holly recommends you see ‘The trench’ infinite, while Lorente advocates pick up any book that I have around the house. In addition, the latter is positioned clearly against the message of hate that VOX posted on Twitter against the cultural sector: “You live them without the puppeteers to see how much they hold”.

Because if there is something that they both have clear is that we need to stay isolated, stay entertained, and entertain the rest. Holly believes that “something that would do very well in the band now would be to entertain people”while Lorente argues for the confinement: “The band that would continue locked in the Bank of Spain”. But as the fiction is far from the reality, what you will do now will be to seek by any means an output that allows them to continue living in freedom. ‘The House of Paper’ Part 4 premieres in full on Netflix on April 3.