Jimena Sanchez vs Yuliett Torres: Who is the real Kim Kardashian mexican?


Jimena Sánchez is not the only one that tries to stay with the title of ‘Kim Kardashian mexicana’, Yuliett Towers also makes war for it.

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Jimena Sanchez it is not the only one that has everyone crazed by their similar style of the Kim Kardashian. Yuliett Towers continues to cause furor with their attempts to look like the socialite and their latest orders have done that many prefer over the host of Fox Sports.

Who is the real Kim Kardashian mexican?

Yuliett Torees appeared this week in the program Today, and her look ended up convincing all of which is the original Kim Kardashian Mexican. However, the followers of Jimena Sanchez would not stay behind and also gave reasons for the host of Fox Sports will remain with the title.

Here I leave some pictures for you to decide.

The two have a style very similar: long hair black and postcards to show off their curves. But Yuliett Towers it has been more daring than Jimena Sanchez, thing that has made it gain ground.

Jimena Sanchez was named the
Kim Kardashian mexican by their outfitts and a strong resemblance to socialite american. For its part,
Yuliett Towers it was known as the #Ladyoxxo, but the influencer has as a goal to achieve in followers to the wife of Kanye West.

Jimena Sanchez as
Yuliett Towers light up the networks with their postcards to show off their curves, but the controversy is far from the end. Who of the two should be the
Kim Kardashian Mexican?