Jolette of The Academy are positive to coronavirus


Jolette of The Academy statements 2 followers Instagram that is in the hospital after having tested positive and coronavirus covid-19, so he asked his followers to pray for her and her health.

The controversial former contestant of The Academy uploaded a video to the stories of Instagram where it appears in a hospital bed with a mask, claiming that he had been given your test results and gave positive and coronavirusalso in the video there are some nurses who transfer to Jolette to another room.

Yes to not receive criticism Jolette shared the test is made by confirming that it actually has coronavirus, and that by the time the disease is in a moderate stage. However in the picture we see jolette output and markedly ill.

The step of Jolette by the Academy

We all know that the passage of Jolette by the academy was not the brightest, but perhaps if one of the most entertaining, As this participant of The Academy gave away the moments that until today still hovering in the internet.

Jolette starred in the epic fight with Lolita Cortés where the actress of musical theatre, said directly to him that had no talent for singing, and out came the mythical phrase “as to not vote for her.”

In fact recently it became viral a thread on Twitter where you have every detail of the history of Jolette at The Academy, As it was one of the stars of the fourth generation of The Academy, In where did they come from artists such as Yuridia Cynthia Rodriguez or Erasmo Catarino.

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After you publish that you have been diagnosed with coronavirus Jolette began to receive messages of support from her fans, who told him a speedy recovery and above all great care not to spread it to anyone.