Justin Bieber admits that he had doubts to propose to Hailey Baldwin


Justin Bieber revealed details of his proposal of marriage to Hailey Baldwin

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It was in September of 2018 when Hailey and Justin surprised the world with their unexpected wedding, in a court of New York, a year after, the model and the singer celebrated their wedding in a ceremony to be super luxurious, which was attended by their closest family and friends.

However, it seems that Justin had doubts to give the ring to Haileybecause in a interview with Ellen DeGeneresthe singer spoke of what it meant to him to commit to a woman for the whole life.

I was extremely nervous. I felt that in the past we had talked about me doing the questions and I felt she would say yes, so I was not really nervous because she said yes. I think I was more nervous about if I wanted to make this commitment. Can I make this commitment as a man and to be able to honor what I say? Because that is a serious commitment when you say that you are going to love someone for better or for worse and be faithful, that is great, can I do that? I think that was really what I was fighting. And finally I thought, I’m going to make the decision and follow it forward, be a husband, and this is what I’ve always wanted to. I’m going to choose this woman and just do it“: He declared the interpretation of ‘Yummy’.

Justin also confessed that he is deeply in love with Hailey and she loves to be his wife: “He is an amazing person, incredible, incredible. Is super precious and I enjoy spending my life with her“.

Until the time Justin has been the husband perfect for Hailey, do you think that it will be so for all life?, will you be able to comply with its promise to be faithful for life?, because everything indicates that that is your concern, don’t you think?

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