Kelly Clarkson all moved by it to tears, including her, to the song Piece By Piece


Only listened to the piano and her voice which frequently break due to the emotional words… Kelly Clarkson was presented on the stage that saw him grow as an artist to sing the song that gives the name to his most recent work, Piece By Piece. The single, which touch the most intimate depths of his being, speaks about the absence of his father when he was a child and to regain trust in men thanks to her husband and father of their children. Excited to all, the artist, who is in the final stretch of her second pregnancy, managed to finish his presentation with effort amid tears and applause from the audience.

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“What a night more exciting. Thanks American Idol on such a beautiful beginning and a perfect end”, wrote the singer of 33 years of age, a native of Texas in its account of Facebook together with the video of his performance. Last may, it was announced that the reality that gave the first push to become a music star came to an end with the season number 15. “I’m pregnant. I am nostalgic. I can not believe it’s the final season,” said Kelly Clarkson with tears in his eyes once he finished singing, a topic so emotional. She was not the only one that failed to prevent the crying, in addition to many viewers who were really sensitized, Keith Urbanone of the judges, also had his face covered with tears.


Let us remember that this song has a very special meaning for the artist, who recovered the hope in the love of a man thanks to Brandon Blackstock, whom he married in October of 2013. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter River Roseon 12 June 2014, a young girl who brought joy to their lives, now anxiously await the arrival of their second baby that is already announced is a boy. “It is a song very emotive for me because I wrote it while I was pregnant with my little girl and now I’m pregnant of my little boy, who I hope will come very soon”, expressed the artist.

Let us remember that last November, when he shared the video clip for the track which gives the name to his latest work, Kelly wrote a poignant message on his account of Facebook to explain the special meaning of this song: “I like to think that Piece by Piece it’s like the happy ending Because Of You. It was not a happy story at the beginning but it is a real that I decided to write after a long conversation with my sister. Many people grow up without a father or a mother-to-side. And we are afraid to rely on someone else when we are adults. We tend to surrender rather than be with someone that truly deserves our hearts and our time. We all deserve to feel loved, truly loved. This song is basically my past, present and future. It is my love letter celebrating and thanking my husband for being a man who knows how to love me and my children without expecting anything in return. Also, it is a promise to my children that I would never leave you and that I will be with them always.”