Kelly Clarkson and Ed Sheeran,victims of cyberbullying


Singer Kelly Clarkson became world famous when he won the first edition of American Gonel, in 2002. She and Carrie Underwood were the winners of more solid reality show, cementing in his case a solo career successful, with 3 Grammy awards and 26 hits in the top 100 of Billboard, including 3 numbers 1.

However, this week the singer Gone and Stronger she was forced to remember, thanks to one of the 11 million who follow her on Twitter, that’s always going to be those who offend freely by his physical appearance.

For the 4th of July, when the texan was celebrated on the Day of the Independence of his country, he wanted to publish in Twitter a thank you to the soldiers who are in service. “Thank you for protecting us and also to those who fought so that we can experience freedom and independence,” he wrote.

Kelly Clarkson clashed on Twitter who attacked her. Photo: AP/ Mark Terrill.

Kelly Clarkson clashed on Twitter who attacked her. Photo: AP/ Mark Terrill.

And a user replied, out of nothing, ”you are fat”. Could not have done anything about it, but Clarkson, who recalled that when it was recording the show was called “the chubby American Idol” decided to deal with it. Not just shared the tweet with their followers, but also said: “And so, and all amazing”, and generated a storm of opinions in the network.

“We are who we are, no matter our size. And neither is it that remains so for ever, as a creative person to live. Sometimes I am in shape, others do not. It hurts Me when I hear comments aggressive just because I look different to what they would like to see,” she commented to Ellen DeGeneres two years ago when he lived something similar because a host of the british TV the was beat for months for not to be skinny, and until it is grabbed by the same reason with her baby girl , River Rose.

The same day this week Ed Sheeran told us that he had moved away from the platform of Twitter, where he has 19 million followers, due to what he called “a permanent chain of abuse online”. Unlike Clarkson, singer and british composer did not want to confront their críticoss, alleges that he done wrong to receive all this bad wave free, and who prefer to keep the account to give news of their tour and play what I post on Instagram, but that does not give you to read the tweets of anyone else.

“A comment you ruin the day”, summed up. Has sold 26 million albums. The third, Divided, is the best seller of this year. But that doesn’t seem to demoralizar the trolls that want to tell you the first thing they pass by the head. “Killed Me thinking of what I did to you I want so little,” is to make the back much hate the singer..

Ed Sheeran, yesterday on the “Today Show”. Photo: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

The british seems to be a boy, a sensitive. He said recently the driver James Corden, singing karaoke with him in his car, which the boy learned to play the guitar because it was not very graceful and I thought that that method was the best to get the attention of the girls. A tender.

Matt Lauer, in the Today showit , spoke of the good intentions of the millions of fans who write positive things. Ed says he knows that, but explains that he has ceased to read what is written in your network because he knows the bad comments, though they are few, we are going to do evil, consuming the vast majority who only want to transmit good vibes.

Lady Gaga, who already said enough do not objectify people by their physical (she is mistreated online because in a show live appeared to some that his abdomen was not sufficiently carved), came out to defend publicly Sheeran, because he is a good person,” and by the things that he does when the cameras don’t see you.

It seems like almost a lost cause. Or is it true, as she sings Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you strong?