Kelly Clarkson reveals for what reason was left to “fatten up


Kelly Clarkson is a woman physically different from what it was some years ago. With his new appearance has given a lot to talk about, and there are those who say that could have health problems or an eating disorder.

In an interview with the magazine Redbook, Kelly says how you really feel with your new way of life.

“When I’m fat is because I am happy. People think that it must have happened something bad, because I’ve gained weight. But no, sorry, it simply represents the happiness of my emotional world. In my case, usually when I’m thin is because something is not going well.”

According to the portal “The 40”, the singer is aware of the views of others with respect to their appearance and comparisons with your “before and after”.

“You cannot guide your life based on what other people think, if you do you’ll kill in a constant state of panic by trying to please everyone. People should concentrate on their own lives, on their health and their happiness, no matter what it implies for you; with that should be enough for you to feel happy”.

Kelly was recently presented the American Music Awards Awards and was safe before the media.

A life of struggle.

Kelly Clarkson has come a long way to achieve their well-being.

Clarkson has had to go a long way in addition to learn to break away from people and situations that are toxic and a clear example is the decision to leave the record label with which he signed after winning the television contest American Idol.

The singer, before and now. Photo: Twitter

According to report of different news portals, in this the pressed to fit the standard of beauty in which is associated to a pop star. All this led to the point of making you lose the urge to sing and even to live.

“When I was very thin, I wanted to kill myself. It was incredibly sad, inside and out, for four years of my life. But nobody cared because aesthetically it fit. I thought that the only solution was to give up music.”

The singer confessed that his knees and feet shattered because the only thing I did was run. “I used to wear those helmets of music and began to run. I was at the gym all the time.” Were words Kelly Clarkson on the stage of his career in an interview for the magazine Attitud.

The dumbell.

The international stars Kelly Clarkson and P!NK were presented together in the opening of the “2017 American Music Awards,” which aired live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles this Sunday, 19 November 2017.


Mon Laferte would be starting to live with “the consequences” of having discussed with a reporter in full press conference held few days ago in Mexico City, where he presented his album “The Braid”.


A publication is shared by mon laferte (@monlaferte) the

At that conference, a reporter questioned respectó to what you think about the success that he has with his songs, among women, given that between them, many times they fight, which caused outrage.

Laferte noted that she did not like the questions of machismo, and from his mouth there were a number of strong words.

Some media claim that he handled the situation with “exaggeration”, and internet users expressed their displeasure by creating an event in Facebook with the aim to drive it out of Mexico, where it is stated:

“This woman came to grow to Mexico, because chile was not nothing; it started in Veracruz, playing at bars, then catapulted in a State of Mexico, and then started to get ‘hard’ with the people that I hired for events and firms, being rude and other things. The drop was the press conference, where he tries to humiliate the reporter. Should find the videos and draw their own conclusions.”

The march will be on the 2nd of December starting at 10:00 pm at the Angel of Independence on Paseo de la Reforma.

In different news portals reported that so far there are 15 thousand people confirmed to attend, of the 56 thousand interested in facebook.

Mon is justified.

After the controversial attitude that took Mon Laferte with a reporter during a conference by the questions asked, the interpreter was questioned about it in The las Vegas, during the red carpet of the Latin Grammy.

“I think that I responded as any human being who gets angry, who gets happy, I have always allowed them to be very I, I don’t like to be a character who smiles all the time and that’s fine, I’ll always say what I think, I’ll always defend my ideals, and I love that the people also have an opinion as I have freedom of opinion, and I love that the people also have an opinion”.

Mon Laferte just get his first Latin Grammy in the category of Best Song in Alternative thanks to the duet that you performed with Juanes the song “Amárrame”.