Kim and Dany offered a concert from home to encourage their fans during the quarantine


The grouping of cuban urban music Kim and Dany wanted to give a little bit of joy to his audience in the midst of the difficult situation they are living because of the coronavirus and have given their fans a concert from the house of one of its members.

In addition to sing to his followers some of the best themes that are part of their repertoire, the main idea of the reggaeton Kim Hidalgo and Daniel Muñozmembers of the duo, was to launch a message to bring awareness to the people and invite them to stay at home in quarantine to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The recital, for his part, took place in the recording studio that has Kim in his residence in Havana and was broadcast live via the official YouTube channel of Kim and Dany.

Navigate, Pa’ to give you, Imagine, Or a saint or a fine or Normally are some of the songs that sounded during the performance of Kim and The Dany and his band and that is sure to set dance to more of one from the distance of their homes.

The lead singers urban was very well received by its viewers and lovers of his music have not been slow to react in the publication of audiovisual material.

As shown by the hundreds of messages that can be read in the comment box of the platform in which many have applauded the idea of the reggaeton and taken as a reference and example of support to the measures of protection of citizens that both are asking for these days to counteract the COVID – 19.

In addition to his concert, the exponents of the traptón are some of the that more have been expended in the cause of the coronavirus and that have used their social networks to alert their fans and to make a call to awareness.

Kim, in particular, is the one who lately has been in the news and has grabbed headlines due to a strong message sent to president of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel in calling him to show more concern and support to his people of the island.

“This is a message specifically for the President of Cuba is called the mr. Díaz-Canel, with a lot of respect. This has nothing to do with either communism or capitalism, this has to do with realism, with things humanitarian, with things of the people, with the people, because this virus has nothing to do with anything”, “this virus came to test the human being,” he said.

The singer also appealed to the government to please leave politics aside and overturned on the help to citizens, who in their majority do not have the means and sufficient conditions to tackle the pandemic and have yet to be protagonists of dangerous agglomerations to be able to buy food and articles of first necessity.

“Every day there are queues in the street by the problem of food. This is to avoid people to have those crowds in public places, try to put a law for people to not be on the street by choice, that the people to stay in their home and failing to comply with that give them a fine,” were some of their words.