Kylie Jenner takes it all and is recorded taking a shower! Watch the video


March 27, 2020
(15:32 CET)

There is No bad that good does not come. The pandemic spread of the coronavirus that has one-third of the earth’s population confined at home, has allowed us to see many details of the homes of the famous and how to pass the time when bored.

Shakirafor example, we have been taught as I was studying philosophy. And as she, celebrities ranging from Miley Cyrus up Arnold Schwarzeneggerpassing by the other stars in more nearby as Pilar Rubio or Cristina Pedroche. Up Kylie Jenner has shown us details of your house that we had not seen.

Kylie Jenner surpasses his master

The youngest of the Kardashian what has been done in publications that accumulate millions and millions of reactions in the form of “likes” and comments. Normal, and that is that we are talking about the third woman, followed by Instagram, with more than 167 million of fans. The model surpasses her four sisters, Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashan and Kendall Jenner. And just ahead Ariana Grande, amounting to 178 million followers and Selena Gomezwith 171 M.

A status that Kylie it has gotten to the basis of posting photos of daring, suggestive and, at times, very risqué.

And not only that. There are a multitude of open accounts in Instagram dedicated to the american model, in that their fans tend to hang all sorts of content. In fact, many of the best pictures of the model are usually uploading these fans in the above mentioned accounts.

Followers that, taking advantage of the confinement, have been shared and gone viral one of the videos most daring and uploaded tone of Kyliein the that is doing something so home as the take a shower.

A document in which, in addition, Jenner surprises by taking off the extensions