Let the video unpublished of Jennifer Lopez in the quarantine! (and if you see him going to hallucinate like never)


March 26, 2020
(14:23 CET)

Not all carry equal confinement for the spread of the pandemic coronavirus. Some cope better than others to be cooped up at home. And lucky that we have internet, digital platforms and social networks. But the situation would be still more unbearable.

The best what are the famous, wealthy. Those who have enough space in your home to pass the running of the bulls something more ‘airy’. And is that who more, who less, has a swimming pool or a great garden to spend the hours and the days.

For example, Jennifer Lopez. The diva Bronx it has not been pronounced about the crisis of the COVID-19. Something that has been criticized by many on social networks, because in a time like this it is necessary that the voices most popular to pronounce themselves about it.

So on goes Jennifer Lopez quarantine

As much as the video ostentatious JLo hung up in your account Instagram during the confinement. In he was the son of the singer having a great time in the garden next to Álex Rodríguez and the own Jenniferwhich is who recorded the video, and ended with the young man taking a dip. All this in a completely oblivious to the crisis that is living the planet as a whole.

However, Jennifer Lopez would have no problem if I had to live enclosed within four walls. The new yorker has demonstrated on more than one occasion that do not need much to celebrate.

The video unpublished of JLo

As you can see in the following video, posted on Instagram and recuprado these days by some of his followers, in which she appears to be enjoying a feast on the inside of a house.

A document in which, as is usual, JLo take the opportunity to brag and boast of their virtues and of their talents to the dance and to raise the temperature in the network.