Luisito Comunica speaks of their scandals in controversial video


The youtuber Luisito Comunica has managed to grow on the platform YouTube and in a healthy way away from the gossip since this is dedicated to travel and to document the issues with general information, however being a public figure can not keep the margin of some controversy.

The young man nicknamed “King Pigeon” did a count of the gossip in which he was involved during the year 2019, with his sarcastic style did a top five, talking about how he survived those days in which the people bombed their social networks with negative comments.

5.- Does Luisito drug addict?

In the number 5, Luisito spoke on the day that the media began to speak about his alleged drug addiction, which clarified that it was completely false.

4.- What Luisito is bad to his fans?

In the position number 4, Luis Villar revived the controversy in which he became involved with a fan who tried to get an interview. Luisito refused to this and the young man stated in a video that the youtuber had been very rude, becoming viral in a couple of hours.

3.- Alleged infidelity to the Languages of Cat

Luisito had a sentimental relationship with the influencer mexican Cinthya, Languages of Cat for many years, however these ended up because of a lot of controversy over allegedly Luisito deceived her with a woman in a drunken stupor.

2.- Luisito makes a mockery of Chernobyl

A couple of months ago, Luisito visited Chernobyl to document it on video and take photographs for his book, however, when he returned to Mexico he made a small joke with a meme of yours on Twitter that became viral quickly and dismissed it as “disrespectful” and “insensitive”.

1.- Luisito governor of Puebla

The young youtuber was involved in a strong controversy due to some fans he was nominated for a political post in Puebla, and from this, everything went out of control as even to say that Luisito was in the search of being the governor of the mexican state.

Without further ado here below we leave you the video to check the experiences of Luisillo with the gossip.

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