Maluma and Natalia Barulich, what reconciliation?


Where there was always fire ashes remain. That is what that says of romantic relationships that end. Well, Maluma and Natalia Barulich could be the proof of it. The singer and model, announced their separation just over a month, but a few photos recent you see them strolling together through the streets of New York have fueled rumors about a possible reconciliation.

After two years of dating, Natalia Barulich, and Maluma were finished with their courtship. The news came as a surprise to their fans, who not imagined that the couple was going through a crisis.

Maluma and his girlfriend, Natalia Barulích

Maluma and his girlfriend, Natalia Barulích

“I want very much to Juan Luis but at this moment in time we need to take time for ourselves and our careers, to grow as artists and as people,” explained Natalia Barulich in a statement Page Six.

Maluma erased all the pictures of his ex on Instagram and she continued with her life, starting a flirtation public with the model Winnie Harlow. The comments that have been left on Instagram, and the images in which we have seen together have been made to think that among them was being born, something beyond friendship.


And suddenly, when nobody expected, a few pictures of Maluma and Natalia Barulich together have made to jump all the alarms. Would you be thinking of giving a second chance? In fact, in the pictures they look so comfortable together that it’s not crazy to think of reconciliation.

It is true that does not see them, nor embracing, nor kissing, but the flirtation is light and the smiles are not erased from their faces. In social networks we can see a video of the bar where they were in the Maluma look at his ex-girlfriend with the face of absolutely amazed.


Of time has not known more about this meeting between Maluma and Natalia Barulich in New York, but fans of the couple have already begun to fantasize about a possible reconciliation. Time to time.