Maluma, Natalia Barulich will respond on Neymar


Not long ago Maluma ended his relationship with model Natalia Barulich pos alleged infidelities of her towards the singer.

Recently he returned to ask the interpreter “Happy four” which had been the reasons why they ended their relationship to which he responded, you ask her.

The model he commented that the alleged lover (Neymar) of which is spoken, who coincidentally was a friend of Maluma, for she was only a friend.

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And that is the relationship that menatenian Natalia and Maluma already almost two years was affected because of a “romance” between the model and the soccer star.

“Neymar is the only one my friend, and the media invented all that,” said the model in an interview.

Also says the model that puppy named Juliet your ex boyfriend Maluma gave remains “the union” between the two and even asks for it because despite having ended their relationship, both ended with a beautiful friendship.

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“There is No evil or hatred between us, we have a beautiful relationship together but now I focus on my and in my work,” said Natalia.

The model also became a businesswoman, has a line of bikinisand in a short time will be releasing a song which is very excited, he said beforehand that he has no time for relationships at this point in his life and that is very focused in their next projects.

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Before the end of the interview and finish buying christmas decorations for your home clarified that the decidión of ending the relationship was for both and not only Maluma as everyone believed.

On your part with the fact of not sharing the information that I ask the singer gave to understand that you have no problems with Natalia, and left him the free way for that she will indicate the reasons for your separaciín, as a gentleman of truth.

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