Maluma share your attraction on Instagram and his ex Natalia Barulich reacts


Without a doubt, Maluma it is one of the greatest exponents of the genre urban areas, which has positioned itself at the top, thanks to the success of their songs, which have remained in the first places of popularity in the top music at the global level.

The fame that it has garnered the colombian has been such, that has been able to take their music to the other side of the world, and because of his popularity and his great charisma, has been able to collaborate with renowned stars of the medium with the never believed that they could sing so controversial genre of reggaeton.

It should be noted that the close relationship she has with her fans through her social networks, has been a key factor for Maluma keep in the taste of his huge audience.

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Among other things, the singer is a man quite attractive and he knows, as he always shared a revealing or provocative post, it pops the networks thanks to the physical and which has achieved a base of discipline and plenty of exercise.

Even, Natalia Barulichhis ex-girlfriend, enjoyed all that the fans of the colombian wanted to your health.

The also singer Natalia Barulich held a torrid affair with “Maluma Baby“but the relationship did not prosper and ended the month of October, as it is assumed that Natalia was unfaithful with a famous footballer.

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However, the exponent in the genre of urban, he recently posted a photograph that appears in a squatting position, very fresh and with a big smile, with the message: “There are moments and people that I draw this smile, to you who? #HomeofClassics #creadoconadidas”.

And surprisingly, Natalia was the first to react to the publication, posting two emojis, one of them are two flares and the one in the middle is a happy face with eyes of the heart, which, by the simple fact that you model the message, takes in three days 2,917 I like. Signal enough that the followers of the ex-partner approve of a second chance.

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It seems that this could be an opportunity for both famous you may remember that I lived in for two years of a solid relationship, and think seriously in giving you a second chance.