Meet the new boyfriend of Ariana Grande: Dalton Gomez


Ariana Grande started the 2020 giving a new opportunity to love, for since the end of January it emerged rumors about the new relationship of the singer.

So that was leaked a video where it showed the singer kissing a unknown guy.

The video, which was circulated by all the networks showed Ariana and the mysterious boy, sitting in an upscale Bar Louie in Northridge, California, which caught the attention of the video he was the guy was kissed on several occasions by Ariana Grande.

Now finally he has revealed the identity of the new romantic interest of the pop artist, this is Dalton Gomez, a handsome new yorker of a similar age to that of the singer.

Who is Dalton Gomez?

Dalton is a recognized real estate agent, who now works for a sector of customers very exclusive in Los Angeles, California and who is rumoured to have in the bank accounts in the millions.

The age of Dalton remains a mystery, but its complexion and statuesque physique makes you think he is still young, probably of the same age-Ariana Grande, or a couple of years older than her.

Dalton has had several appearances in the stories of instagram of the singer, which highlighted a few where it is shown to the young recently playing with the dog of the interpreter of ‘Thank U’, ‘Next’, Toulouse.

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Dalton has stayed out of the scandal and public attention, while keeping all of your social networking profiles private, but that has not prevented fans of Ariana to seek more information about him and discovered that both have a number of friends from showbiz in common.

Dalton could be the first groom formal that has Ariana Grande from her failed engagement to Pete Davidson.