Miley Cyrus stopped believing in God for a reason more specific


Miley Cyrus has been proposed to perform direct Instagram with her followers to entretenerles during the quarantine. The singer and actress, has already conducted a number of interviews with her sister Noah Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres, with her ex-partner of Hannah Montana Emily Osment or with Hailey Baldwin, among others, becoming a section of very popular social network all over the world.

The interviews through direct Instagram of Miley Cyrus are having a lot of success, in fact, already there are many fans who are asking for a tv program for her. The artist has proved that she has grown up in front of the cameras and their ease in front of them is evident.

In the last interview, the artist performed a direct line with the model Hailey Baldwinand with it , be honest about your relationship with God, and about the reasons that led you to stop believing in him.

“I had some gay friends in the school. That is the reason why I left my church is that they were not being accepted. Were being sent to therapies of conversion. I also had difficulties to find my sexuality,” he confessed.

“So I think that now if you tell me that I have allowed to redesign my relationship with God when you are a grown up and make you feel more acceptable to me, would make me feel less turned off by the spirituality”, explained the artist to the model.

The interview of Miley Cyrus to Hailey Baldwin has been a favorite of fans of the artist, impatiently awaiting to publish a new release of its special program. Miley has proven once again, always be willing to help their followers, and if you now entretenerles, because it uses all its tools to do this.