Morat: in mandatory quarantine after positive COVID-19


Through a video on their networks Morat confirmed that they will be in mandatory quarantine as part of the grouping John Paul Villamil gave positive coronavirusthe group said that they also believe to have such a disease as some symptoms.

And is that the singers returned from a trip Spain, by which they were in quarantine, remand, but now once it is confirmed that the member of the grouping has coronavirus have happened to be in mandatory quarantine.

  • “Friends, while in quarantine pre-trial to have come from Spain, Villa took the test because you had symptoms and it came out positive for COVID-19”, said the musicians.

Although not all have taken the test assume that all are infected with this disease because they have symptoms and they spent 14 days together in that country.

The performers of “how dare you come back”, was assured that they are well your symptoms are mild and are stable, and Morat will be reporting to all of their fans how the disease progresses.

Morat: the list of celebrities with Covid-19

Are several celebrities which have been confirmed to have this disease as Odalys Ramírez and Patricio Borghetti, Tom Hanks, and even Jolette of The Academy, so that it is accurate to say that the coronavirus does not forgive nationality, social class, profession or gender. the list of persons belonging to the world of the show that have contracted with the virus continues to grow and now with purple without a doubt there are many fans who are lamenting the situation.

For now, I would anticipate that we’re right and we’re going to be telling them how it all progresses. We have had very mild symptoms,” said the guys of Morat.

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The singers stressed that they will take this time to continue creating music after having had to postpone his tour of Spain because of this contingency.